• Welcome to Toad’s Caravan South!

    We are a shared workspace – a home for freelancers

    Strathbungo | Glasgow | Scotland

    Today I'm working on...
  • Welcome to Toad’s Caravan South!

    We are a shared workspace – a home for freelancers

    Strathbungo | Glasgow | Scotland

    Today I'm working on...
  • Welcome to Toad’s Caravan South!

    We are a shared workspace – a home for freelancers

    Strathbungo | Glasgow | Scotland

    Today I'm working on...
  • Welcome to Toad’s Caravan South!

    We are a shared workspace – a home for freelancers

    Strathbungo | Glasgow | Scotland

    Today I'm working on...

Do Your Thing In a Place You Love

Welcome to TC South! Our space isn’t just for creatives, all are welcome here. You can book your time with us online, or make an appointment to come in and look around. 

Finding a productive place to work can be a real pain for freelancers. Coffee shops or your kitchen work for some things, but when it comes to hitting deadlines and impressing your clients, you need that little bit more. We opened in 2010, and since then have met so many excellent people. We’ve learned and know all too well that what makes shared work spaces great is the people in them.

If you need a quiet place to work and focus, TC south is for you. We’ve created flexible booking options so you can use the space by the day, by the hour, or reserve your own dedicated desk space on a monthly rolling basis. No deposits, upfront costs or long agreements here.

We are Scotland’s first and only combined coworking and maker space. Our office studio is custom designed and built by the people who work here. The maker space is currently in production and will be open for bookings later in 2018.

Memberships & Bookings

Whether you’re looking for a full time workspace, the occasional day here and there, a quiet client meeting with access to a projector or exclusive time in our event space, you can book it all here, or get in touch to chat some more.

Day Pass

£20/day (9am-6pm)

  • Access any day from 9am-6pm at any available space
  • Access to the meeting room and event space
  • Free Pukka Tea & Dear Green Coffee (!)


Event Space

£175 (full day) – £100 (half day)

  • Exclusive use of our underground event space (capacity 30)
  • Complimentary Pukka Tea & Dear Green Coffee
  • Access to projector & speakers on request


coworking coloured paper

Floating Membership

£100/month (9am-6pm)

  • Work when you work. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
  • Free Pukka Tea & Dear Green Coffee!
  • Head in and use any available space in the office or the studios downstairs
  • No deposit! Just sign up and start workin.
  • Secure wifi network & really fast speeds
  • New pals


Dedicated Desk

£220/month (24 hour access)

  • Dedicated work space, with storage and security for all your things
  • Unlimited Broadband usage
  • Access to all resources including meeting room & event space
  • Become part of the TC community and first in line for new projects
  • Have your mail and deliveries sent to our address and stored safely for you


Our Members

Mariana Conde Grant
Mariana Conde Grant Ltd
Emily Rodway
The Great Outdoors Magazine
Justin Eade
Glimpse Ltd
Paul Burt
Photographer & Web Developer
Stephen Blythe
ardeer antler
Mark Bridges
Ardeer Antler
Joanna Süsskind
Founder & MD
Ben Whitney
Maker Space Manager

What are we doing differently?

Back when we launched in 2010, my spell checker didn’t recognise the word “coworking”! Since then we’ve worked out of amazing spaces across the globe in places like London, New York and Gaborone. Networking & collaboration are so important in this business, but we know how hard it can be to keep up with it when you’re busy with multiple projects, or out searching for new work. Or perhaps you just don’t like networking…

At Toad’s Caravan, our members are surrounded by like-minded professionals every day. Our space is home to many different skills, with enough variation that you can learn from each other and collaborate.

We are developing a worldwide exchange network which TC members will be encouraged to access. More information on this to follow later in the year.

A Green Studio

Surrounding yourself with plants increases your productivity – true story! Our studio green friends help to filter the air so that you guys are happier and healthier. You get all of this without the maintenance – because Ben loves plants. No, I mean he really loves plants.

Cool Facilities

There is more to us than meets the eye. Our basement boasts a state of the art edit suite and sound recording booth, a craft and maker space (including some really cool tools and possibly a printing press), a space for gigs, workshops & talks, and a back garden.

Really, really fast internet

No more waiting around for things to send. You can use Snapchat, watch a movie, FaceTime your mum and send entire photo albums to your cousins in Australia, all at once. Download speeds are around 80MBPS. It’s pretty impressive.


Ok I didn’t believe it either…until I moved here. The south side is happening! We are LOVING our new spot and can’t rave enough about the parks, the cafes, free parking… We really are inspired by all the new local businesses. Come and see!

Your Team

Working at TC means you have a team – right away. In our experience people working from the same space are extremely generous and helpful. Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

TC Alumni

Workshops & Events

Our workshop schedule is filling up for 2018. We will be host to many exciting events in the coming months including life modelling workshops, sewing classes, sign-painting workshops, SketchUp tutorials and small gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a desk?

Register right here, pick your Tariff and we will see you at the studio soon! You can Pay As You Go, or pick a Monthly Tariff. You can also book Resources such as the Edit Suite, Meeting Room & Event Space via the booking system. They will appear online as soon as they are available.

Book A Desk

How do I pay?

All payments are made online via our booking system. You will complete a mandate which creates a Direct Debit, designed to take payments for all desk usage on the 1st of every month. If you register and start using the space mid-month, you won’t have to pay until the 1st of the following month. You can add Resources such as Lockers or Event Space bookings to your Tariff as and when they are available.

Are there any discounts?

If you and a friend or coworker are looking for a work space over a longer term, get in touch and we’ll talk about discounts.

If you work here and you refer someone we’ve not already spoken to about permanent desk space, we will give you 2 weeks access for free.

What are the terms?

If you have a Dedicated Desk, we ask for a month’s notice if you want to leave. The Pay As You Go and Monthly Tariffs are a lot more flexible and you can use these as often or as little as you see fit. See the full Ts&Cs once you’ve registered here.

Who will be working here?

If you work for yourself and require a nice space, with a fast internet connection, tea, coffee, chat and community, TC is for you. So far our members have included designers, publishers, lawyers, digital marketing professionals, dieticians, artists, writers…

Why can’t I come in?

This space is dedicated to the people who have chosen to use it as their work space. We, the people who run the space, are also busy, working freelancers! We would love to show everyone around all day and are so chuffed by the interest we’ve had, but at the moment tours are by appointment only. Please respect our coworkers as you would like to be respected if you were in their position. However, you can book your desk right away if you know you want to do so.

745 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2AA

E: joanna@toadscaravan.com | ben@ben-whitney.com
TC: 0141 423 8699

We are open from 9am — 6pm on weekdays and on weekends/evenings for events.