Posing Nude | Life Modelling Workshop | 29th May 2018 | 18:30 – 21:30


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    The Workshop | 29th May 2018 | 18:30 – 21:30

    Hey there! So you wanna get in to life modelling? You’ve come to the right place.

    Most tutors prefer that their models have some experience, which is why here at All The Young Nudes we run model training workshops a couple of times a year, just for you guys. Learning from your peers and experienced models is such a treat. After the workshop you will have a clear idea of what is involved and if you would like to start posing for artists. It’s also the perfect way for us to meet you, and for you to meet some of our sketchers.

    In short

    In this session, we will spend a few hours chatting, drinking coffee, stretching & moving around then going over the basics of posing – and of course answering all of your questions. We’ll then move on to some posing nude and some sketching. There will then be a break for some complimentary refreshments at half time!

    Who We Are

    If you don’t know us – HI! We run friendly, fun and affordable weekly life drawing sessions in cities across Scotland each week. We are life drawing for everyone, not just artists. Since we started almost 10 years ago, we have been blown away by how many of you are keen to model with us. Thank you so much for all the interest. Because of you guys, we can provide our weekly sketchers with a really varied and interesting scene each week.

    The best thing about this is that everyone can do it! And we can show you how…


    At our model training workshop, we work closely with a group of 15 (max) people. Some of you will be completely brand new to modelling nude and others will be existing life models who might want to improve. The workshop provides a great opportunity to connect and share experiences and tips with other life models.

    What will we actually be doing?

    In this session we will focus on how to make shapes and how to hold interesting or dynamic positions with your body. We use music, images and props for inspiration.

    Our ATYN staff will work with you to suggest techniques and pointers that we think will help you get the most out of posing for sketchers. We will also encourage feedback between models in the group, which is extremely useful.

    We will practice posing as a group and everyone will learn about their own body, their own shape, and their own capabilities. Everybody will do a mixture of both posing and drawing. It is hugely advantageous to view models from behind the easel, so that you can get a fuller understanding of what you are trying to create for the artists that will be drawing you. Don’t worry if you’ve never drawn before – this is purely a learning aid for the session. Trust us – you can all draw! And it’s a lot of fun to see others’ interpretation of your poses.

    You will spend some of the session clothed, some in a robe, and some posing nude – as little or as much as you are comfortable with. In the 2nd half of the evening, you will be invited to pose nude and sketch your workshop-mates. This part is entirely optional and you can decide nearer the time if you would like to join in.

    Who is in charge?

    The sessions will be led by ATYN’s founder Joanna Süsskind and one of our experienced life models/performers.

    Joanna spent 4 years at The Glasgow School of Art, first studying animation and then working in the Digital Design Studio. She has been drawing since she was very small. She has been booking and working with life models across the globe for 10 years which means she can help and advise, if you’re interested in taking up work as a life model beyond the workshop. Joanna and your group will be accompanied by one of our experienced models. ATYN staff will be on hand for the whole session to demonstrate, help and talk to you about any queries you might have.

    What do we bring?

    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Bring along a robe or dressing gown and some slippers. We will provide all drawing materials, but bring your own along if you would prefer. You can also bring along an image that inspires you, or an item or prop you would like to pose with.

    What do we take away?

    Smiling, happy, confident faces! It is always fantastic to hear the positive feedback from new models after realising what they can do and how they can feel using this unique skill. Realising the difference between being or feeling naked and being or feeling nude, is extremely powerful. Most of our previous workshop participants have continued to model with ATYN and other life drawing groups beyond the workshop, although this is of course not a necessity.
    ATYN will provide all participants with a de-briefing email and a private folder with images from the evening. We will also recommend places and people to contact about life modelling work. We would be more than happy to provide references for models on request.

    We look forward to meeting you all. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any more questions about any aspect of the workshop.

    Big love.

    ATYN xx

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